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Erich Groebe's Online Home

My Hero
American Empire


Only Time Will Tell...

Belzig (Mark Brandenburg) East Germany.

Antigua, Guatemala

Auschwitz, Poland

Lutherstadt Wittenberg, East Germany.

Agios Nikolaos on The Island of Crete, Greece.

Ruins of The Palace of Zerbst-Anhalt. Destroyed in April 1945 during Allied air raid .


I was born in Austin, Texas back in 1963. Except for the 5 or 6 years that we lived in Waco, Texas, I lived there until I graduated from high school in 1981. That's when I began an on again - off again 18 year long journey that has taken me to amazing places like Mexico, South Africa, Guatemala, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Bosnia, Slovenia, The Slovak Republic, Croatia, England, Serbia, East Germany, West Germany, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Greece, The Arab Emirate of Dubai, Holland, Belgium, and ...oh never mind. I've been around.
     Sometimes people ask me if I still miss Germany. It's a tough question to answer. Goethe expressed my feelings best when he wrote in "Faust" of having two spirits within one soul.

My Home. (2003 - 2014)

I 've slowly accepted the fact that my exciting days of international travel have ended due to health problems. Although it can be a little disheartening I do still have lots of hobbies and interests that keep me happily occupied.
     If you really want to know more about me please click on the links above and be prepared to be both intrigued and possibly even offended.
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A creepy picture of me made for the Red Cross Halloween "Zombie Volunteers" promotion. 2009.