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This is the part of my website where I get to rant and rave about my gripe of the don't get your panties in a knot. 


Politics & Presidents: Some countries are governed by political demagogues or dictators, others by religious figure heads or the military. The USA is different. We are governed by corporations and special interests.
      In The US, Corporate America and The Government have merged. It's not really surprising as they are similar in how they run and what they ultimately seek...wealth & power. All you have to do is look at the process. Every step that our government takes is carefully planned, led and financed by corporate America to put more wealth into their pockets.   
     We The People....docile, ignorant, apathetic and conditioned to serve corporate Americas needs. We are nothing more than the massive labor force that completes the cycle of generating more corporate wealth .
     Bush....Obama....Clinton....Reagan, it really is irrelevant as they were all paid for and bought by corporate America. Just for fun we hold "elections" every four years to keep alive the illusion of democracy.  It ain't brain surgery folks.
Religion & Immorality: Religion can be a beautiful source of compassion and peaceful coexistence but when misused it can also be a deadly, dark, hiding place for perpetrating crimes of hatred and evil. In my opinion...
1. Any church or religion that claims IT is the only truth, is corrupt.
2. Any church or religion that calls for blind obedience, is corrupt.
3. Any church or religion that teach the end justifies any means, is corrupt.
4. Any church or religion that calls for or condones violence, is corrupt.
     We all have a yearning to belong to something greater than ourselves but we also have a tendancy to be easily led. If you must be a sheep at least be careful when choosing your shepherd.
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes & Charity: Like children in a candy store, whatever is flashed before our eyes on TV and catches our attention becomes our momentary passion.
     True charity is selfless and done without expectation of being a source of entertainment, recognition or reward. Likewise, it should be an ongoing commitment to contribute to society and not as a convenient opportunity for a feel good moment.
     Once yesterdays' disaster has been forgotten by the media, will you STILL be helping? If not...why not?
Wisdom & Compassion: A wise old monk came across a young novice monk from his monastery sitting on the banks of a swift moving stream. The tearful young man explained to the old monk that he had been observing the unsuccesful attempts of a lone scorpion trying to cross to the opposite side of the stream. Remembering The Buddhas' teachings on compassion, he felt compassion for the plight of the scorpion and went to pick it carry it across the stream. To his shock and dismay however, it stung him and he dropped instantly. "But I only tried to help the scorpion. Why did he sting me?"
     The wise old monk silently picked-up a stick from the ground, went to the scorpion and let it climb aboard. He then carried the scorpion, on the stick, to the other side of the stream. He then returned to the young monk to explain. "Compassion alone is pure foolishness. One should only practice compassion when combined with wisdom."
Volunteerism: The Ups & Downs:
#1. We're All Human - Just because a charity may be a non-profit or faith based organization does not mean that it won't be plagued by climbing-the-corporate-ladder as found in any other business. There will be unreasonable staff (both paid & volunteer) who seek power, promotion and the limelight.
#2. Extreme Political Correctness - Charities, are almost always very "image conscious" and tend to be overly sensitive to fits of "political-correctness". They desperately fear bad press and bad word-of-mouth. Image is everything when you depend upon community based fund raising for your existence.
#3. Not The Cream of The Crop -
Non-Profits usually pay their staff less than in the for-profit business world. As such you may not always find the most professional, experienced or efficient staff that you might have hoped for. They have all of the same concerns and biases found anywhere else when it comes to job security. Don't be surpruied if volunteers get thrown under the bus by paid staff in the name of job security.
#4. Conflict Resolution -
As a volunteer you do not have the same "working" relationship you have grown accustomed to in the working world. When problems arise that involve reprimands and dismissals you may find that person who makes the decisions and what those decisions are, is far from unbiased. There may be few if any way to appeal decisions or actions that you feel are unfair.
#4. By all means VOLUNTEER! -
Just keep in mind that no matter how much you are made to feel like a valued part of the team, the paid staff will ALWAYS receive preferential treatment. If you should ever find yourself in a dispute that requires someone must be dismissed it will almost always be the volunteer. Don't let your volunteer position become the focus of your life. Volunteers who give too freely WILL eventually be taken for granted. A good rule to remember is "Everything in moderation".
Insanity: Doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results.
Living within your means: It's not brain surgery. If you can't afford to live move to where you can. If you can't afford to buy do without. You don't buy it on credit or take out a pay-day loan. You don't spend your rent money to get it. Learn the difference between a want and a need. The things we need to live are simple and do not include flat screen plasma TV's, cell phones, shiny new cars or Cappucinos from Starbucks.
      My advice to those in this country who whine about their poverty is this: Make a list of what you have, what you want and what you need. Be honest with yourself. When you contemplate a purchase, calculate in your head how many hours you must work to pay for that you still really want it?
      If you feel you need an inanimate object to make you happy...something is missing in your life and it is not that new pair of shoes.
Healthcare in America: Everyone in The United States should have access to decent, affordable healthcare regardless of income or pre-existing conditions. Don't let the drama and antics of the staged "Health Care Debate" fool you. Don't be fooled by the scare tactic of "Socilaized Heath Care". Wether you like the idea or not, it's NOT going to happen! Opponents to socialized medicine point to the nations of Europe but forget the fact that the only reason they have "socialized medicine" is because their nations were left in ruins by the second world war. Not only had they experienced ultimate suffering, they had the task of rebuilding their entire political systems from scratch.  The result was their attempt to create a more compassionate and just system and they did so...FROM SCRATCH!
     Thank God we are not rebuilding from the ruins of war, we still have a powerful and well rooted system of health care for profit and the powers that be will NEVER voluntarily surrender that system. Any health care reform that takes place in this country will be done only with the approval of the existing health care industry and will obviously NEVER do them harm. So long as profit is the driving force behind health care we will NEVER have anything close to "socilaized medicine", so let's move on to something relevant.
     What we are stuck with when dust settles will be a health care system that has been designed and approved by the insurance, health care & pharmaceutcal industries.
Appreciation & Moderation: Unfortunately opportunity and unearned comforts have made us a lazy, glutenous and ungrateful society. Sure, those who lived through WWII, The Great Depression, etc know what life without todays advantages is like but my those of us born after 1945 do not.
     Our lives are easy and the vast majority of those who claim to "have it tough" are simply dealing with the results of their own poor choices. Of course.... sometimes people are simply the victims of chance or unpredictable tragedy but those are the people most likely to pick-up the pieces and struggle forward.
Friendship: What a rare thing true friendship is. We have all experienced friendships that have failed so we all know this happens frequently. People change with time. Our priorities, interests, loyalties and philosophies reflect our life experiences and it is often this factor that leads people to say.."he's not the same person he was 5 years ago"..."He's changed."
     Sometimes friendships fail because they were based from the begining upon deceit and as the true person begins to emerge, the friendship is scuttled. Other things cause friendships to fail as well. It's amazing that ANY friendships exist?
     The point is...nothing last forever so keep this in mind from the start. Work towards a lifelong relationship but always keep one hand free for a safe exit.


Disclaimer: I'm not really that fat, nor do I eat grapes by holding them over my head.